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Who makes the magic happen?

When it comes to your hometown, we bet you know the stories behind the hidden sights, all the best parks and the tastiest spot to grab a bite to eat. But when you travel, you're suddenly the new family in town. That's why it makes sense for a local to help show you around.



Who makes the magic happen?

What do our families think of our leaders?

Alexander Family

"Our guide, Mohamed was superb, possessing an encyclopedic knowledge of his homeland, along with boundless energy. He was able to switch from talking about Moroccan politics, with the adults, to playing an obscure form of Moroccan desert football, with the children, in an instant.

The Alexander family travelled to Morocco

Hawkins Family

"We thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Our guides, Thao in Vietnam and Kinal in Cambodia were both very different but excellent, friendly and brilliant with the children. The trip gave us the opportunity to visit lots of different places and see lots of different things."

The Hawkins family travelled to Vietnam & Cambodia

Jackson Family

"The 'guide' or should I say 'genius' on this family trip - a chap called 'Anson' Qui- made an already amazing holiday so unforgettable it almost beggars belief. We had just about the best time we have ever had on any holiday in our entire lives and our nine year old declared that it trumped Disney in Florida! The presence of other kids is invaluable. If you are wondering whether to visit China using this format, my advice would be just do it and be prepared to be thrilled, amazed, exhilirated and very, very happy all at once!"

The Jackson family travelled to China

Hamer Family

"We would like to thank our tour guide Lashen Hayomen who was a delight and went out of his way to help and accommodate us. He was knowledgeable and enthusiastic about letting us know about Morocco while being good humoured throughout and we are very grateful for all his help and guidance."

The Hamer family travelled on our Kids in the Kasbahs holiday

Lydia (13)

"It was the best holiday ever! The guide Jitu was amazing and he was a great friend as well as being a great guide! All the hotels were welcoming and felt safe. I don't regret anything or wish anything was different."

Lydia and her family travelled to India

Read more reviews of our family holidays here. If you've been on one of our trips and want to leave a review about your tour leader you can do this by joining our community.

Meet some of our tour leaders

"Leading family trips is really exciting as you get people from a much varied age group. There are kids who will always surprise you with unexpected questions which are a result of their innocent curiosity. This takes me out of my comfort zone to learn more in order to answer their questions. We all have a child somewhere in our heart & while travelling with families, one tends to enjoy his or her childlike aspect of the personality"

Gajraj Singh Bhati – India
“My favourite part of my job is to be the bridge between my clients and local people. We can encounter plenty of real life experiences along the way, get to know my country's authentic culture, customs, people and so on.”

Jenny, Group Leader in China.
“I love to be part of every family’s memories; it makes me think of my own. Travelling with your family is something very special.”

Hilda Jimenez – Peru
“My favorite part of my job is meeting people from different parts of the world, educating them about my country and talking to families to understand about their culture and ideas.”

Osama Twal, Jordan
“It is more enjoyable and less formalities and gives you an excellent chance to show some of your personal side.”

Ashraf Hanini, Jordan
“The view from my office can be; clear water on a pacific coast, a green mountain covered with clouds, a white sand beach in the Caribbean…”

Edward Sanchez – Costa Rica
“I love putting a smile on everyone’s face at the end of the tour, making sure I am helping to change the world through changing minds.”

Andres Herrera – Costa Rica
“My office is my country so I have a new view every day! From volcanoes to rain forests!”

Dennis Willie, Costa Rica
“I love to move around as it is always interesting to meet new people and tell them about my country, including culture, history, Thai food and so on.”

Napatsorn Pidhiprabha, Thailand
“My favourite part of my job is spending time at a homestay because it shows a real and interesting insight to a local way of life”

P'Raht, Thailand