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China Family Holiday

14 days China, Asia
Adventure level: 
2. Gentle
Family Holidays | Min age 5yrs
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Trip Highlights: 
Walk on the famous Great Wall of China
See endangered giant pandas at Chengdu
Experience the colossal scale of the Terracotta Army
Cycle through traditional villages
Flight Inclusive prices from
Child £2,438 Adult £2,709
Price includes flights, transfers, all accommodation and entry fees, as well as a selection of meals. More info »
Prices without flights from
Child £1,796 Adult £1,995
Price includes everything listed above, excluding flights and transfers.
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Don't take our word for it - read through our customer reviews. All of these have been published without any editing.

The Great Wall is more amazing in real life than in pictures, and the Terracotta Army is a fantastic dive into history.


Customer Reviews
19th Sep 2012
I rate this trip
The main sights were wonderful

The main sights were wonderful - Great Wall of China, Terracotta Warriors, Panda Breeding Centre, etc., and we also enjoyed the more rural areas.  Activities were excellent, particularly cycling, and our excellent Group Leader made all activities seamless for us

[Least enjoyed] Dreadful hotel in Yangshuo. Overnight train was an experience!  Probably would do it again though. Bamboo rafting trip was poor value for money - there were much cheaper trips available near the hotel without a coach trip, and the motor-driven raft was a disappointment as the motor was so loud that the peace of the river was spoiled.

Great itinerary otherwise.  Good mixture of cities and countryside, and good mix of activities. Location of hotel in Beijing was okay for the first part of the trip, but it was a pain to have to return to it for final night as a long way from airport - we arrived there in the evening to have to return to airport first thing in the morning.  A hotel near the airport would have been preferable.


Really happy with Howard Hu, our group leader.  He made every effort to understand our needs, was always available and helpful, and totally organised.  We were lucky to have him.


Mrs L - Travelled in August 2012


*** Comment from The Adventure Company ***

We have been in contact with Mrs L directly regarding the hotel in Yangshuo.

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Customer Reviews
6th Sep 2012
I rate this trip
Superb group leader.

The places we visited were as the brochure stated at time of booking but our local tour Guide, Anson Qui, ensured that we visited and saw more places of interest that were accessible and of interest to our group. Anson made the trip by being friendly, professional and made a point to get to know all holidaymakers in our group. Despite being ill himself whilst we were in China he continued with the itinerary and made arrangements with local guides to ensure we did not miss out on any aspect of the holiday. Ansons overall appearance, personality and commitment to The Adventure company ensured enjoyment of all whilst keeing us safe, fed, watered and making stops to western 'happy rooms' as was required.

[Least enjoyed] We had a hour delay on an internal flight. This was the only interuption to the holiday. One hotel was of extremly poor cleansiness. Anson contacted His head office and we recieved a final additional meal as compensation. This was prompt of the company and so overall I feel very satisfied by the Adventure company.


Anson Qui made our holiday splendid. His personal knowledge of all aspects of China from farmers, political, history and current affairs gave my children and I a real sense of the Chinese culture and their way of life. Anson was superb in all aspects and acted as a big brother to my children. Answering all their questions and encouraging them to enjoy themselves. Superb group leader.


Miss A - Travelled in August 2012




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Customer Reviews
6th Sep 2012
I rate this trip
Each and every day was packed with a stimulating activity

Each and every day was packed with a stimulating activity, whether it was included or an optional excursion, so it is really hard to identify a notable highlight. The places I had very much wanted to visit such as the Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors, The Panda Breeding Centre and the beautiful Yangshuo exceeded my expectations.

There was only one aspect of the itinerary which we felt was unsuitable for our young family and that was Day 11. Where the intended activity was a rather long bike ride to Moon Hill. We felt that this was not practical for the following two reasons: - There is little to no traffic rules in China making it in our opinion dangerous for us to take our daughters who have no road riding experience in England onto the town’s roads which were very, very busy. The temperature was 37 degrees and just to hot too attempt. This was pointed out to the tour leader who admitted that previous families had felt the same and that we could do the tour by minibus instead which we did and thoroughly enjoyed.

There were a couple of optional excursions which we took and we felt were unmissable and worthy of inclusion in the 'included' tour itinerary, namely the Yangshuo Sound and Light show, The River Cruise (Yangshuo) and the Cormorant fishing (Yangshuo) -  All fantastic experiences.

Accommodation levels varied a lot on this tour, with the accommodation in the cities being of a  3-4 star quality, while the accommodation in Yangshuo being around 2 star – mainly due to the plumbing, leaking toilet bowls and sinks discharging onto the floor. We did change rooms after the first night here due to these reasons and the excessive noise experience with one of the rooms located at the front of the hotel.  The accommodation in both villages at the end of the tour exceeded our expectation and were charming, although while in Pingan we did share our rooms with a number of  rats which we saw and heard. But all in all we were happy.



Zhen Shu Feng (Jackie) our group leader and in our case, our personal guide as we were his only group members was incredibly helpful and highly efficient in his organisation of optional excursions and also for changing the mode of transport on Day 11 of the tour from bikes to minibus (See Previous comment). We could not have asked anymore from him and it was joy to share his company for the two weeks. His knowledge of the available restaurants was fantastic and meant we suffered no ill effects from eating while in China.


Mr L - Travelled in August 2012




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13th Sep 2010
I rate this trip
My daughter and I really enjoyed our holiday in China.

We went in August and the weather was very hot an humid - often uncomfortably so. The trip is not for the squeamish or faint-hearted, and don't go if you are a fussy eater! However the varied landscape, the excursions and the sites are awesome, and you get a great overview of China in an intense 2 weeks. The Great Wall is more amazing in real life than in pictures, and the Terracotta Army is a fantastic dive into history. The mountains and Li river are beautiful, and we had an amazing thunderstorm in the mountains at the Longji terraces which ended the holiday with a bang (literally!) 

Our primary tour guide was excellent, and most of the local guides were very good also.

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