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Previous Foundation Projects

Jul - Sep 2011 Kenya - Born Free De-Snaring Project - £4,268
Donations made during this quarter helped to fund the de-snaring sweeps in Kenya. The snaring of wild animals for meat poses a major threat to Kenya's wildlife. Once snared, the animals face a traumatic lingering death trying to break free. The Born Free Kenya team works with volunteers co-ordinate de-snaring programmes in key target areas. Teams of seven volunteers conduct a 10 day de-snaring sweep each month to try and make the areas safer for the wildlife. Each sweep costs £670. 

Apr - Jun 2011 Peru - Reforestation Project - £2,096
This projects aim is to plant 1 million trees in Peru by 2020. Our donation contributed nearly 700 trees to this worthy project. Each sapling costs USD 1 and as at 8th May 2012 205,000 trees had been planted so far. The tree planting programme is designed to counteract the environmental pressures of tourist activity and to support local communities. 

Jan - Mar 2011 Uganda - Bwindi Watoto School - £1,350
These donations went towards purchasing and installing windows and shutters to help complete the school buildings in Uganda. There are currently around 240 children at the school, 107 of which are boarding and the rest are days scholars. Bwindi Watoto School also provides orphans with the care and support that is much needed through difficult times. 

Oct - Dec 2010 Borneo - Living Water Project - £2,952
The money donated by passengers in this quarter helped to fund 2 new wells which provide clean drinking water for more than 150 households/700 residents in Kudat. Kudat has a very dry climate and the villagers have to rely on a traditional dug out well which relieves some of their needs, albeit a small amount of poor quality brown coloured water. On 27th February 2011, enough funds had been raised to complete this project and also covers any continuous maintenance expenses.  

Jul - Sep 2010 Nepal - International Porter Protection - £3,830
Donations made by customers travelling between July and September were sent to the International Porters Protection Group (IPGG) to support a project to build a very needed porter sheler at Gokyo Village, within the Everest National Park. At The Adventure Company we take the safety and welfare of our trekking porters seriously, and ask all our local agents to sign up to our policy on porter welfare. Part of this policy ensures that the porters are provided with suitable clothing, footwear, shelter and are adequately fed when working. Unfortunately not all porters are protected in this way, working with the International Porter Protection Group (IPPG) we’d like to help to take steps to change this. At present some porters often cannot find or afford shelter in the lodges, and either sleep in the local caves, or head down to lower altitude, which is a long way at the end of a days work.The building will hold 100 porters and will have room for a doctor to be present during the main trekking season; providing medical support to porters and travellers.

Apr - Jun 10 India - Ebenezer Home of Social Outreached - £1,488
During this period we collected £1,488 in total to support the Ebenezer Home of Social Outreaches (EHSO) in Chennai, South East India. Founded in 1986 in response to the gorwing needs of local homeless children EHSO is now a registered charity running a number of projects for children and their families. EHSO’s vision is to provide health, well-being and opportunity so that those in need can lead normal, useful and fulfilled lives and find their rightful place in society. The money donated will help buy much needed supplies for the local medical centre built by the charity.Jan - Mar 10 India - Dancing Bears - £1,738Money collected during these three months was sent to the Agra Wildlife SOS centre for rescued bears to support the work that they do. Although banned in 1972 there are still around 800 dancing bears performing on the streets in India. To make the bears dance a crude iron needle is heated and driven through their muzzle without anesthesia or any other antibiotic at the tender age of just six months. The bears live the rest of their lives at the end of a four foot long rope and with no stimulation at all causing several mental symptoms. Male cubs are also castrated at a very young age by use of a razor, without anesthesia or antibiotics and canine teeth are removed when one year old by knocking them out with a metal rod.As well as caring for rescued bears, Wildlife SOS have also set up a Bear Education Centre, which aims to educate and create awareness about the importance of conservation. The centre is currently only half compelte, and the money donated will help to complete this project.

Oct - Dec 09 Sri Lanka - Trees for Life - £2,846
The donation paid for the educational programme to be rolled out to 40 schools, and over 2,000 children. As well as learning about conservation techniques, the children planted 4,000 trees and created butterfly and medicinal gardens at their schools. The sapling trees that were planted were grown by small satellite nurseries run by local women, providing them with an important source of income.

“We are delighted that The Adventure Company has joined our Trees for Life campaign, what better way to protect our environment than to place it in the hands of our children. Thanks to their help and their customers, this year our school children environment and biodiversity conservation programme will educate over 2,000 school children who’ll visit and experience the Hiyare Rain Forest, learn conservation techniques and will plant indigenous forest trees in areas that need restoration.” Charamrie Maalge Responsible Tourism Partners

Jul – Sep 09 Kenya - Enkereri Primary School - £1783
Donations collected during this period were sent to a primary school supported by Friends of Conservation within the Masai Mara, to help them set up a water catchment system. There are 120 children at the school aged from 5 to 12 and with water constantly in short supply, the new system will enable the school to capture and use rainwater. 

Apr – Jun 09 India – Ranthambore School - £1035 
The money collected went to help a local junior school in Ranthambore. There are many tasks that the school needed help with, including building walls for the classrooms, replacing the old tin roof, fitting doors and windows and a new water tank, and the money collected will go someway to helping with these. You can see photos of the school here School Photos

Jan – Mar 09 Uganda – Bwindi School – £645
During this period we supported a local school in Bwindi, Uganda. The school was set up to support the orphans of the area by providing them with an education and helping to reduce the travelling time for many of these children. In 2007 we were able to donate money to help build four classrooms, and the additional money collected went towards buying windows for the school.

Oct - Dec 08 Rwanda - Streets Ahead Children’s Centre UK - £1,625.00 
SACC is a UK-based charity set up to help the street children of Rwanda who continue to suffer the effects of genocide. SACCA currently owns land near the town of Kayonza. Upon this land is their girls’ income generating workshop, which provides income-generating opportunities to vulnerable girls under SACCA care and those who have been reintegrated into the community within the independent living programme. An adjacent plot of land, which is suitable for cultivation, became available and your money helped fund the purchase. 

SACCA works with street children that have been abandoned by their families or who have left their families for other reasons. As part of their work they prepare children for reintegration into communities and teach them skills that they need to function as part of a family. A core part of the programme involves various team building activities both within centre life and as part of their work in the community where the children work together to help poor families such as child headed households and families living with HIV. Being able to purchase the land, benefits the project and its children in following ways: 

  • Provide an environment for team-building activities, focusing on the development of self-esteem.
  • Facilitate training on cultivation, so that the children can use this skill when they are reintegrated (where all children in rural areas contribute to the family in this manner).
  • Facilitate training on cultivation so that the children may use this skill when re-entering the community as part of SACCA’s independent living programme.
  • Provide for the cultivation of crops, which can be consumed by the children within the project (thus reducing project expenditure on food) and where the excess produced, generate income for the project through sale.

Jul - Sep 08 Vietnam - Thai Nguyen Disadvantaged Children’s Centre - £2,367.00 
Money collected went to projects running at the Thai Nguyen Disadvantaged Child Education Centre, which is 50 miles north of Hanoi. About 200 kids aged 6 to 18 study here; 120 stay at the Centre and 80 come for the day. Their disabilities include being blind, mute or deaf, though with some basic sign language, visitors can easily communicate with these smart and friendly children. The centre has 16 classrooms but is severely lacking in amenities to care for the children, who must share beds (3 children to a bed) and only 5 squat toilets and one small water tank. Key areas where your funding is helping include building a new water tank for the school, painting classrooms, renovating the toilet & bathroom area and teaching English to the blind children. 

Apr - Jun 08 Bulgaria - Best Practice Environmental leaflet for lodges and hotels - £1,055.00 
Money collected paid for the creation and publication of a leaflet that advises Best Environmental Practice for refuges and small hotels in Bulgaria. Bulgaria is a developing country in terms of tourism and as a result we have a real chance in conjunction with our agents to influence this development. It is essential to try to work with hotels at this early stage and hopefully we can see the growth of Bulgaria as a destination occur with a commitment to protect the environment as well. This leaflet will enable these hotels not only to improve their impact on the environment but in many cases to save money through improved water use, energy efficiency and reduced waste.

Jan - Mar 08 India - School in Sawai Madhopur - £1,475.00 
Your money was donated to a school for deaf and dumb children in Sawai Madhopur in India. The school is 2km from Ranthambore National Park and some groups on our ‘Tigers, Taj & Temples’ and ‘Wildlife Safari’ trips have visited it. In total there are 35 children, all deaf and dumb, with 10 girls and 25 boys. The students are generally very poor and this type of school is not something that is well-supported locally. The money will go a long way to helping these children get those crucial first few steps on the education ladder. 

Oct - Dec 07 Vietnam/China - Bear Bile Extraction - £1,133.00 
With the money collected in this period we helped support a project run by Born Free, for bears that have been subjected to bile extraction in South East Asia and China. We are giving the money to support a bear rehabilitation centre for animals that have been rescued from this squalid existence. 

Aug - Oct 07 Uganda - Bwindi Orphanage - £2,611.00 
Money collected went towards supporting a local school in Uganda. The school was originally set up to support the orphans of the area by providing them with an education. With the money donated we were able to help build four much needed classrooms.

May - Jul 07 Tanzania - Arusha Children’s Trust - £1,581.00 
The Trust’s school, located in a remote village roughly an hour outside of Arusha, was built by our local supplier to help teach young children who would not otherwise have access to any sort of formal education. Their schooling helps these children develop a wider understanding of the world they live in as well as providing one hot meal a day – a meal which provides the key source of nutrition for many of these children. With over 80 students, the work of the school’s director isn’t easy, which is why we offer our financial support – to help them develop further. 

Feb - Apr 07 Ecuador - Yacuma School Furniture - £1,717.00 
We were alerted to a small local school in Ecuador, which although newly built was in desperate need of chairs and desks. The money collected over these three months allowed us to buy all this equipment for the school.

Nov - Jan 07 Nepal -Trisulu Community centre - £958.00 
We worked with our local agent in Nepal to help fund the building of a new sports and community centre. The centre helps to unite underprivileged youngsters from the surrounding villages and provides various educational facilities. The centre has been built with four aims in mind: recreation, team-work, vocational skills and entrepreneurship.

Aug - Oct 06 Morocco - Schools funding - £1,165.00 
Supporting a local school in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, money collected during this period enabled the school to install much needed heating to help during the cold winter months.

May - Jul 06 Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka house-building - £411.00
We worked with a school in Southern Sri Lanka that suffered in the tsunami. The children made a request that their library be restocked so that they could further their education and make better lives for themselves.