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Porters Policy

Policy Regarding the Use of Porters on Trek

At The Adventure Company we currently use porters to support treks in four countries:

- Nepal (Annapurna & Everest regions)
- Tanzania (Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru)
- Peru (The Inca Trail)
- Kenya (Mount Kenya)

Over the last few years we have been working closely with our suppliers in these countries, and continually monitor feedback from customers, and we’re confident that our local agents take the matter of porter welfare incredible seriously. Many of them are actively involved in promoting the issue and work closely with local porter groups.

As a matter of company policy, The Adventure Company feels it essential that:

• All porters should be provided with suitable clothing, footwear and shelter while working.
• All porters should be adequately fed and paid while working, according to locally agreed guidelines.
• No porter should be asked to carry a load that is too heavy for their physical abilities. Weight limits should be adjusted for altitude, weather and trail conditions.
• All porters should be insured for sickness and accident, or have some alternative provision made for them.
• An injured or sick porter is entitled to the same level of medical care as any trekker.
• An injured or sick porter should never be required to make his way off a mountain alone, but should be accompanied by someone who speaks his language.
• An injured or sick porter should receive sufficient funds to cover the cost of his rescue and subsequent treatment.
• An appointed local agent of The Adventure Company must subscribe to this policy.

The Adventure Company subscribes to the aims of the International Porter Protection Group and the guidelines published by Tourism Concern.