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Our Partnerships

We support around 20 dfferent wildlife and community projects around the world. Find out who we support in the areas you're interested in travelling too.

SOS Children, South Africa

We give £3 for every passenger who travels on trips to South Africa. The money we donate supports a charity who take children from local townships on safari to see the amazing wildlife from their own country, something they’re not able to do on their own.

Bagamayo Orphanage, Tanzania & Namibia 

We donate USD 5 to the Bagamayo Orphanage for every person booking on a selection of our Namibia and Tanzania trips. Kerege orphanage was set up in 2003 in the home of one of the founders and began with just 6 kids. A 2nd home was started in 2005 for kids with HIV. Now there are 21 full time and 6 part time kids. A pre-school was opened in 2011 next door to the orphanage and now has 106 kids who are receiving an early education, nutrition and basic medical care.  Our donation is used to provide solar panels to the orphanage. Additional donation is supporting this project via our Hands On Tour 'Elephants & Spices'.

Born Free, Uganda

For every customer travelling on our gorilla safari trips in Uganda we donate USD 5 which helps run the Chimpanzee Sanctuary on Ngamba Island in Uganda.

Project Peru

Project Peru is a UK based charity who provide financial and material support for those in poverty, while at the same time encouraging voluntary effort and raising awareness of development issues in Latin America. We support the children’s refuge they’ve set up in Lima by donating £5 for every person travelling to Peru. Last year we donated £2,240.

Schools & Bears in India

We are currently supporting a primary school in the small town of Betalghat in the Himalayan foothills. We make a £3 donation for every customer travelling to India, which raises around £1,500 annually, helping to buy uniforms for all the children, and aids some much needed construction work. We also support the Bear Rescue Centre in Agra who look after the dancing bears which have been taken off the streets, giving them a chance to enjoy life. We raised £500 for the centre last year.     

Trisuli Young Leaders Club, Nepal

Working with our local agent in Nepal, over the last few years we have helped to fund the building of a new sports and community centre for the Trisuli Young Leaders Club. The centre helps to unite underprivileged youngsters from the surrounding villages and provides various educational facilities. Our ongoing donation of USD 5 for every passenger travelling to Nepal supports the upkeep and keeps the centre going. Last year we donated £2,300.

Arusha Children’s Trust, Tanzania 

This school in Tanzania, located in a remote village roughly an hour outside of Arusha, was built by our local supplier to help teach young children who would not otherwise have access to any sort of formal education. Their schooling helps these children develop a wider understanding of the world they live in as well as providing one hot meal a day – a meal which provides the key source of nutrition for many of these children. We donate USD 5 for every customer travelling on all our Kilimanjaro treks and on selected safaris in north Tanzania. Last year we donated £1,774.

The Galapagos Conservation Trust 

For every passenger we take to the Galapagos Islands we donate USD 5 to the Galapagos Conservation Trust. These funds help ongoing work insitu - protecting this thriving ecosystem and managing the tourism within it.

Save our Sausage Trees, Botswana

If you travel on any of our trips to Botswana you’ll enjoy time being polled through the Okavango Delta. The local communities have used the wood of the sausage tree to craft their mokoro (dugout canoes) for years, but this is unsustainable. We donate £3 for every passenger which helps sponsor a fibre-glass alternative, thereby reducing the demands on the local environment.  

Elephant Transit Home, Sri Lanka

The ETH is run by the Sri Lankan Department of Wildlife Conservation and supported by The Adventure Company's charity partner, Born Free. We donate £5 per passenger travelling to Sri Lanka to help provide shelter for 30 orphaned or abandoned baby elephants, releasing them into the wild when they are strong enough to survive in their natural habitat.  

Monasteries, Nepal & Tibet

For every departure on the TB trip, we donate USD 23 directly to the monks on your behalf to help with the upkeep of these sacred places, as the entrance fees to the monasteries and temples go directly to the Chinese government.


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Kerege Orphanage, Bagamoyo Tanzania
Kerege Orphanage, Bagamoyo Tanzania
Saadani Elephant Collaring project Tanzania
SOS Children South Africa
Born Free - Uganda