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Our Foundation

The Adventure Company Foundation was set up to enable us to donate money to local charities and projects. We ask each of our customers travelling with us for a £1 donation which we match. The money is held in a separate account, away from company funds, and by keeping administration charges small (which are paid for by The Adventure Company) we can guarantee that 100% of the money donated goes to the project it’s designated to.

Our clients and our staff believe in The Adventure Company Foundation, and working together we’re sure we can reach and even exceed our aim of raising over £10,000 towards charitable projects this year. We hope that through such a joint-venture we have the basis to be able to grow our support to good causes around the world, with your help, for many years to come.

Where does the money go?

Every year based on suggestions from our local agents, staff and customers we compile a list of small grass root projects that are in need of our help. We then ask our customers to help us decide which four projects we should support over the year.

Current projects

Money collected from customers travelling from October 2011 to September 2012 will be used to support the following four projects.

Esther Benjamin Trust

The Esther Benjamins Trust - Remembering Nepal's forgotten children 

The Esther Benjamins Trust rescues Nepalese children who have been trafficked or displaced into India – including many who were sold into Indian circuses and forced to work as performers. The trust works hard to provide meaningful education and vocational training initiatives which empower young people to become independent individuals with skills that can serve a lifetime. They also serve to restore trafficked children’s dignity so that they can fully reintegrate into Nepali society.

Supported by customers travelling between October and December 2011.
Passengers raised £1,152 for this trust, which The Adventure Company doubled to a total donation of £2,304.

Inchanga Horticulture Project

Inchanga Horticulture Project - South Africa

Inchanga primary school is in the area known as The Valley of a Thousand Hills, 50 km from Durban. The school is in an extremely deprived area with 80% unemployment and high levels of HIV/AIDS infection. A large proportion of the children are in child led families as no adults are alive which begs the question “ how do they survive ? “ The government supplies a daily meal on school days and a local church provides one meal a day during weekends and school holidays. This is however not sustainable so the charity is working on a horticultural project enabling the school to grow and sell sufficient crops to provide food for the AIDS orphans and to involve them all in the cultivation to ensure they have the skill to grow their own food and the opportunity to shape their own destiny in the future.

Supported by customers travelling between January and March 2012.
Passengers and The Adventure Company raised a total of £1,704 for The Inchanga Horticulture Project.

Lotus Caring Hands

Lotus Caring Hands - Sri Lanka

Lotus Caring Hands is helping children affected by the civil war in Sri Lanka, to deal with their trauma and cope with everyday life by providing them with basic education, vocational training, counselling support, and ensuring they are accepted and reintegrated within their community. Paranthan Hindu Maha Vidyalayam (PHMv)’s building is renovated for the evening and weekend vocational training in the Paranthan, North of Sri Lanka. Many of these children have been unable to attend school or have left at an early age due to civil war. This means they are very unlikely to be employed and have a chance to break out of the poverty cycle. We are particularly committed to the process of supporting vulnerable people to become integrated in main-stream society with every opportunity to lead full lives. At present, we are conducting sewing course which is mostly welcome by school leavers and widows to rebuild their lives and be independent rather than depending on the state to provide basics for their existence.

Supported by customers travelling between April and June 2012.

LATA Foundation - Nicaragua

LATA Foundation - Providing clean water in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in Latin America. Almost half of the population lives below the poverty line on less than $1 a day. A staggering 79 % live on less than $ 2 a day.
The foundation is appealing for funds to install a water pump providing clean drinking water to a thousand people in an impoverished area south west of Granada. The water pump costs £1850 and is a crucial part of a bigger project to replace an antiquated system which often breaks down leaving the community with no water for days at a time. The money raised will help go towards building the shelter, currently estimated to cost £40,000.

Supported by customers travelling between July and September 2012.