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What we do in the office

We go a little further

Our staff belief in changing traditional work patterns to make small improvements to our immediate and wider environment. 

Last summer 12 employees participated in the Trailwalker Challenge, with the aim of walking 100km in under 30 hours to raise money for the Gurkha Welfare Trust.

All staff at The Adventure Company are entitled to one paid working day at a volunteer project with Runways End Outdoor Centre in Hampshire, UK (http://www3.hants.gov.uk/runwaysend).

This new outdoor activity centre, about 30 minutes drive from our offices, is open to any organised groups from schools to scouts and offers a host of adventurous activities and experiences.

Runway’s End obtained government funding to build some fantastic new sustainable facilities. However, the government funding has not stretched to the upkeep and maintenance of the centre, which only has two full-time staff, so we assist where we can. We’ve done everything from clearing weeds and brambles and planting new plants to sanding and painting benches and ensuring that the indoor camping area is fully functional and ready for use.


We offset all staff carbon emissions from work-related flights and travel to work and offset all our office energy levels. 

Within the office

We have an energy officer, whose role is to monitor our energy consumption and find new energy-saving initiatives and we use an energy provider who invests in wind power.

We also recycle mobile phones and toner cartridges. If we have any old computers they are sent to countries we operate in – namely educational centres in Nepal and Morocco. We also collect outdoor gear for porters, foreign coins for Friends of Conservation and clothes, toys, books and stationery and distribute it to our worldwide projects. 

On a daily basis

We drink Fair Trade tea and coffee and recycle all our office paper.

Staff on a volunteer day