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Carbon Offset

Carbon Balancing
Although aviation is not the largest, it is currently the fastest growing source of green house-gas emissions contributing to climate change, and we recognise that we have a role to play in helping to alleviate some of this impact.

What we do
As well as trying to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide we produce by using local public transport such as overnight trains on trips instead of internal flights, we also make a £2 donation for each of our passengers, to offset the carbon emissions associated with the in-country portion of travel involved in our trips.

The money is donated to Blue Ventures Carbon Offset, a non-for-profit organisation distributing solar and energy-efficient stoves to subsistence communities in Madagascar. These stoves dramatically reduce wood use and associated deforestation, as well as the time and money expended by families in gathering fuel wood. There are also distinct health-related benefits to using these energy efficient and solar stoves. With less smoke produced, the incidence of respiratory infection is likely to decrease. What’s more, the stoves also cut carbon dioxide emissions by 1.5 - 2 tonnes per year compared to the inefficient and unsafe open fires that are commonly used in the region.

As well as running an energy conscious office and offsetting the carbon emissions associated with running all of our office we also offset all staff travel, both for commuting to work and overseas trips.

What you can do

It is your flight that will have the largest environmental impact of your holiday and we would encourage you to offset your flights by donating to the new Blue Ventures Carbon Offset solar and energy-efficient stove project in Madagascar. We ask all our customers when they book if they want to donate.