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Adventure Holiday news

South Africa has 'breathtakingly beautiful scenery'

South Africa is a fantastic holiday destination, as it has something for everyone to enjoy and the scenery is stunning.

Britons would love to scale Mt Everest

Britons would try to conquer Mount Everest if they were fit enough.

Cairo is 'an exhilarating city'

Tourism chiefs believe there are few places in the world that are as exhilarating as Cairo.

Lima restaurant is among the world's best

One of Lima's best restaurants has been named among the world's top 50 eateries.

Event highlights South Africa's love for wine

The Robertson Wacky Wine Weekend sees winery owners in the Western Cape open their doors to visitors.

Young Irishman plans Everest mission

A Belfast student wants to become the youngest ever Irishman to scale Mount Everest.

The whole world loves Peru, rock star says

Gene Simmons says that "the whole world loves Peru".

James Bond returns to Istanbul

James Bond returns to Istanbul after 49 years.

Hitch hiking to Morocco - there must be a better way

Hiking in Morocco perhaps, but hitch hiking to the north African country?

Chef 'fell in love' with Cuba

Chef Valentine Warner said that he fell in love with Cuba when he took a holiday on the island.