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Adventure Holiday news

The Adventure Company launches dedicated Family Facebook Page

The Adventure Company has launched a dedicated Family Facebook page giving their loyal family base a new arena to air their opinions, request information and read top tips on family adventures.

Orphan elephant gets a taste of the high life

A 3 week old baby elephant orphan had his first taste of the high life when he was rescued by plane by the David Sheldrick Trust in Nairobi.

Furtemba Sherpa reaches half way goal of cycling around the world

Furtemba Sherpa has been cycling around the world since 2003 promoting world peace, environmental protection and social harmony. His goal: to visit 151 countries by 2020.  To date, Furtemba has achieved over 50% of this goal and has toured 81 countries so far, clocked in over 84,300km in Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, the Caribbean, Central and South America and now Africa. Furtemba's aim is to challenge our communities and leaders to do as much as they can to create sustainable, environmentally friendly alternatives to many of our current practices especially with transport initiatives.

Lonesome George, aged 100, has died

It is with great sadness that the Galapagos National Park in Ecuador confirmed the death of Lonesome George, the last giant Pinta tortoise. Despite several attempts to breed George with female tortoise from nearby islands, George never became a father. With George's death the Pinta tortoise is now extinct.

NTCA to conduct annual Tiger consensus in India

The National Tiger Conservation Authority has made a decision to conduct an annual Tiger consensus in all 39 tiger reserves in India. This is in addition to the consensus held every four years.

New Terracotta soldiers unearthed in China

More than 110 terracotta soldiers, unseen for centuries have been unearthed in China by archaeologists. 

Adventure Company witness the Transit of Venus

On the 5 June The Adventure Company and Astronomy Tours team witnessed the the transit of Venus in Hawaii, which lasted a spectacular six hours and thirty four minutes.

Ecuador's last remaining ice man

At an age when many of us are planning our retirement, an amazing 68 year old man in Ecuador spends hours trekking up a mountain in the Andes to cut away ice to sell.

Costa Rica leads the way with the launch of 'Clean Your Footprint'

The Costa Rican governement are leading the way in terms of reducing their carbon footprint and have set the ambitious goal to become the first carbon neutral nation by 2021.