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Adventure Holiday news

Hollywood star 'enjoys holiday to Egypt'

People who book a holiday to Egypt could spend a day in Cairo, where an international film festival is taking place.

Festive season 'spectacular time to enjoy holiday to Peru'

A commentator has recounted enjoying Christmas in Cusco during a holiday to Peru.

Sphinx Festival could be fun Egypt holiday activity

Those looking to learn more about Cairo's arts scene could visit the Sphinx Festival during their holiday to Egypt.

Zanzibar 'enchanting aspect of holiday to Tanzania'

Those who head to Zanzibar as part of a holiday to Tanzania can expect interesting culture and delicious food, it has been suggested.

Secrets of King Tutankhamun's tomb set to be revealed

Those going on a holiday to Egypt may soon be able to view the latest discoveries from the tomb of Tutankhamun.

St Catherine's Monastery "remarkable and moving" aspect of Egypt holiday

Those given an opportunity to visit St Catherine's Monastery should grab the chance with both hands, if one commentator is to be believed.

Holiday to Egypt 'could include outstanding temple'

A correspondent has highlighted the beauty and majesty of a holiday to Egypt and its Abu Simbel temples.

Charity climber 'takes adventure holiday to Nepal'

A Scottish teenager has hit the headlines after scaling a mountain in the Himalayas.

Family adventure holidays 'popular pursuit'

A family adventure holiday to Peru or walking trip to Nepal's Himalayas are a popular option for gap year travellers, if one study is to be believed.

"Distinguished Egyptologists" meet in Valley of the Kings

A recent event in the Valley of the Kings celebrated the anniversary of the discovery of King Tutankhamen's tomb.