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Adventure Holiday news

Holidays in Peru: Visit Colca Canyon on Machu Picchu tours, says expert

PromPeru has urged travellers to visit the Colca Canyon, which is double the depth of the Grand Canyon.

Family activity holidays: Nile cruises 'are perfect for cultural travellers'

Egypt's tourism board has recommended history enthusiasts visit Luxor during their stay in the country.

Family activity holidays: Fur seals swim 1,500 km to live off coast of Peru

Fur seals from the Galapagos Islands have taken up a new residence off the coast of Peru, it has been reported.

Machu Picchu tours: Citadel to reopen in three weeks, says government

The Peruvian government has revealed that Machu Picchu will reopen to travellers earlier than expected.

Family activity holidays: Visit 'masterpiece' of Fez on holidays to Morocco, says expert

A travel writer has recommended a visit to Fez, describing the city as a masterpiece.

Family activity holidays: Expect a warm welcome on Jordan holidays, says expert

Travellers are assured of a friendly greeting when they arrive in Jordan, the country's tourism board has said.

Popularity of holidays to Morocco 'rose 6% last year'

More than eight million people spent their holidays in Morocco in 2009.

Machu Picchu tours: Peruvian government says repairing rail link 'is a priority'

The government of Peru has expressed its eagerness to complete work on the rail link connecting Machu Picchu to Cusco.

Family activity holidays: Tanzania holidays grow in popularity, figures show

Government figures have suggested that the number of travellers booking Tanzania holidays is on the rise.

Machu Picchu tours: New transport links planned for Incan citadel

Reports have claimed that two new roads could be built to Machu Picchu.