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Zanzibar is becoming increasingly popular

Zanzibar is the perfect retreat for people who want to spend some time relaxing on unspoilt, white sandy beaches.

The island is as close to paradise as you are ever likely to get thanks to its hot climate, beautiful scenery and serene atmosphere.

Many people embark on Tanzania holidays in order to see wildlife in the Serengeti or Selous Game Reserve, but a growing number of travellers are now spending a few days on the spice island in order to add some variety to their trip.

According to executive director of the Zanzibar Commission for Tourism Ali Mizra, the popularity of the area has grown enormously in the past few decades.

He told e-Turbo News that there were just 94 tourist hotels on the island in 1987, but this has now risen to 141.

Mr Mizra also stated that more than 175,000 tourists visited the island last year alone, with a large number of these coming from European countries such as Italy and the UK.