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Youngster plans to scale Kilimanjaro

A young adventurer wants to head to Tanzania in order to conquer the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro.

Eight-year-old Thomas Dawson of Moulton Chapel in Lincolnshire has completed the famous Three Peaks Challenge in the UK, which involves scaling Britain's three highest mountains, The Spalding Guardian reports.

He completed the lengthy trek to prove to his mother that he was capable of taking on the huge African peak.

Many people take Tanzania holidays each year in order to tackle Kilimanjaro, but few are as young as Mr Dawson.

Unfortunately, he will not be allowed to climb the mountain until he is ten years old, but he is more than willing to wait.

There are numerous ways to get to the top of the landmark and some are more challenging than others.

The Machame Route is arguably the trickiest to negotiate, but those who manage to complete it will feel a great deal of satisfaction.