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Young Irishman plans Everest mission

It takes bravery, skill and plenty of endurance in order to get to the top of Mount Everest - three things that young Irishman Matthew Taylor has in abundance.

Only the most committed mountaineers are able to conquer the world's tallest peak and Mr Taylor - a Belfast A-Level student - is hoping to join the elite list of people who have managed the feat, The Irish Times reports.

A lot of adventure travellers are quite happy to trek to the Everest Base Camp, which is an achievement in itself, but Mr Taylor is determined to reach the top.

His mission to reach the summit will commence next summer, when he will be just 19 years of age.

If Mr Taylor is successful, he will be the youngest Irishman to ever reach the top of the famous Nepalese peak. 

His parents are planning to take a trekking holiday in the Asian nation at the time and want to meet their son at the Base Camp once he comes back down.