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The US 'is ideal for trekking holidays'

The popularity of trekking holidays has grown enormously in the past few years and travellers have plenty of options available to them.

Many choose to walk along the Inca Trail in Peru or embark on a trek to the Everest base camp in Nepal, but one place that sometimes gets overlooked is the US.

According to regional editor at travel guide Frommer's Gene Shannon, America has some of the finest tracks and pathways in the world.

Due to the sheer size of the country, it is important that you pick a state that offers plenty of walking routes, beautiful scenery and fantastic photo opportunities.

One of the most breathtaking places to head to is the Grand Canyon and visiting this famous region should be high on the agenda of any trekking enthusiast.

"The US is an exceptional place to hike. Its variety is unparalleled - you can traverse towering mountain peaks, lush woodlands, stark deserts or fertile rainforests, sometimes even within the same state," Mr Shannon remarked.