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US adventurer starts bid to cross the Atlantic with helium balloons

You can't get more adventurous than Jonathan Trappe. The Disney film 'Up' inspired more than just children and adventurer Jonathan, 38, is planning to use helium balloons to cross the Atlantic next summer.  The Atlantic reaches 2,500 miles across and Jonathan will be using UV resistant balloons to attempt his record-breaking flight.

For decades balloonists have been attempting the challenge with five dying in the process - none have managed to use a cluster of balloons. Jonathan made headlines back in 2010 when he managed to cross the Channel from England to Belgium while danglign from a bunch of balloons. His latest appeal to the public to help his raise funds to purchase the expensive helium and special balloons.

He hopes to raise $300,000 via the public and has already invested his own money of around $170,000. The balloonist, from North Carolina is currently learning to sail in a lifeboat in case he is forced to ditch into the ocean during his challenge.