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University festivals celebrate culture in Marrakech

Marrakech is one of the most culturally rich cities in the world and the locals are only too keen to emphasise this whenever they can.

People who have taken Morocco holidays in the past will have been amazed by the number of street performers who head to the busy souks to demonstrate their talents.

Whether it is musicians, dancers or snake charmers, there is always something or someone interesting to stop you in your tracks as you walk around the bustling city.

April is a particularly good time to head to the north African metropolis, as this is when university students put on a series of performances to celebrate the city's culture.

The International University Music Festival is organised by academics from Cadi Ayyad University and it sees hundreds of youngsters take to the stage to put on shows that cover numerous genres, ranging from jazz to contemporary Arab music.

As well as this, The Marrakech International University Theatre Festival is also hosted during the month, which sees troupes from north Africa, Europe and Arab countries display their acting skills.