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Turkey could stage major sporting event in 2020

Anybody who has been to Turkey will be well aware that the country is extremely passionate about sport.

This is particularly the case in Istanbul, where the locals are only too keen to display their love for one of the city's football teams and the atmosphere at matches is unrivalled anywhere in the world.

More people are taking time to explore the city during a Turkey holiday, as it has finally dawned on travellers that there is far more to the country than beaches and sunshine.

Istanbul could be inundated with thousands of visitors in 2020, as the nation is hopeful of hosting one of the world's most prestigious sporting occasions.

Indeed, the picturesque city that straddles Europe and Asia is lining up a bid for the Olympic Games and the football European Championships. Although it is highly unlikely that both will be held in Turkey, UEFA president Michele Platini feels the country has every chance of landing the soccer showpiece.

Football fans can spend time in between games patrolling famous sites such as the Blue Mosque and the cosmopolitan Taksim Square.