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South African monkey sanctuary receives fair trade status

South Africa is renowned for its immense safari opportunities and areas such as the Kruger National Park are hugely popular among wildlife enthusiasts.

The country also has a number of important animal sanctuaries that provide much needed care for some of the most vulnerable creatures on the continent.

One place that people taking an African safari holiday in South Africa should make an effort to visit is the Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary, which can be found in the picturesque Western Cape.

The complex was set up with the intention of providing homes and rehabilitation for monkeys that were once held in cages. They are allowed to run free and people who visit the spacious site are also entertained by their antics.

Bosses at the facility have confirmed it has received Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa (FTTSA) accreditation, after the positive work that goes on in the park was recognised by officials.

Another Western Cape-based park with a similar goal - Birds of Eden - which houses more than 3,500 birds making it the largest free flight aviary in the world has also been granted FTTSA status.