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NTCA to conduct annual Tiger consensus in India

The National Tiger Conservation Authority has made a decision to conduct an annual Tiger consensus in all 39 tiger reserves in India. This is in addition to the consensus already held every four years. The increase in observation has been agreed to assist the field staff in remaining alert while monitoring the tiger population. As the tiger population has become so endangered due to poaching and the Chinese using tiger parts for medicine, the need to monitor and protect these majestic beasts has grown.

The NTCA will supply all the tiger reserves with the necessary equipment, including sophistcated cameras to replace the practice of using pug marks to track movement and behaviour. The Wildlife Insitute of India will also provide training for the field teams. 

Since 1973 the Project Tiger Scheme has been working to protect these animals by creating various tiger reserves. These reserves work to eliminate all forms of human exploitation and to repair damage down to the eco-system by human interference.

It is hoped that this work and the new annual consensus will protect the tiger population and preserve areas of biological importance for all the years to come.