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Nile cruises are the best way to see Egypt

No Egypt holiday is complete without taking a cruise down the famous River Nile and many travellers believe this is the best way to see the country.

Taking a steady boat ride from Aswan to Luxor - taking in the iconic sight of the pyramids along the way - is likely to be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

Not only is it extremely relaxing, but taking a Nile cruise is the easiest way of guaranteeing that you are not missing any of the nation's most famous landmarks.

The government announced yesterday (April 3rd) that it would be resuming old Nile cruise routes that have been out of action for 15 years.

As a ploy to boost tourism, the authorities have opted to reinstate the tours as of mid-May along stretches of the river between Cairo and Aswan.

The biggest appeal of a Nile cruise is the opportunity to leave the boat at regular stopping points to explore different towns on foot.