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Mount Everest 'could be higher than you think'

Mount Everest is the world's tallest peak and has long been the ultimate yardstick by which keen mountaineers measure their achievements.

Few people know the mountain better than Apa Sherpa, who has scaled the landmark a record 21 times and plenty of climbers have been hopelessly out of their depth when trying to get to the top of the imperious mountain.

Plenty of travellers embarking on Nepal holidays opt to tackle the Everest base camp instead, which is no mean feat in itself.

However, those who have managed to reach the highest point on Earth may not realise the magnitude of their achievement, as an engineering company has claimed that Everest may be higher than previously thought.

Experts used sophisticated GPS technology to measure the peak at 8,848m above sea level, but leaders at Cowi have suggested that the actual height may be greater than this.

They believe that this figure does not account for gravitational pull and the firm has been flying an aircraft over the top of the Nepalese mountain in an attempt to get a more accurate reading.