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Marrakech is a hotbed for arts and culture

Numerous festivals and fairs held throughout 2012 will help cement Marrakech's status as a cultural melting pot.

People taking Morocco holidays have always been dazzled by the colour and vibrancy of the city, as the famous souks are always jam-packed with weaves, carpets and other items that demonstrate the country's prowess when it comes to art and design.

The Arts in Marrakech International Biennale is just one example of how important art and culture is to the people of Morocco.

Held at the Bahia Palace every two years, this festival - which started on February 29th and runs until June 3rd - sees visual arts, films and literature from around the world displayed for visitors to see.

Another intriguing event in the city's calendar is the Marrakech Popular Arts Festival in July. The El Badi Palace is usually the focal point of this celebration of performing arts and people come from miles around to see traditional folk shows and belly dancers in action.