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Major wine festival to be held in Soweto

South Africa stages a number of high-profile wine festivals every year, but it seems that one in particular is grabbing the most attention.

Tourism leaders have suggested the Soweto Wine Festival - which was first set up in 2005 - is fast becoming one of the trendiest occasions in the country and the popularity of the event is growing each year.

One of the highlights of any South Africa holiday is visiting the Cape Winelands, where some of the best tipples in the world are produced on a daily basis.

The only thing that can match the chance to see these wines being created is having the opportunity to taste the end product - and this is why the Soweto Wine Festival is so special.

This year's version will be held in the main hall of the University of Johannesburg Soweto Campus between September 6th and 8th and up to 800 classic beverages produced by 100 local winemakers will be showcased.