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Madaba officially unveiled as capital of culture

Madaba has been officially inaugurated as the 2012 Jordanian Capital of Culture.

The region - which is just a short drive from Amman - has a rich history and is perhaps most renowned for its plethora of stunning mosaics.

Some of the impressive ceramic pieces date back to the 6th century and they can be found in the city's museums, which are among the best in the country.

The city received its new status during a ceremony on Monday evening (April 9th), The Jordan Times reports.

It was hosted by the Ministry of Culture and head coordinator of the Higher Committee of Cultural Events Wajeeh Farah was also on hand to offer some words of praise.

He said Madaba is "the city of poets, culture, stones, civilisation and religious coexistence" and people taking Jordan holidays must do their best to have a look around the metropolis.

The ceremony reiterated the city's passion for art and culture, as numerous performances and demonstrations were put on by talented locals.