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Legendary explorer completes Himalayan mission

Apa Sherpa still holds the record for the most successful climbs of Mount Everest, but he is showing no signs of giving up on his hobby.

Having scaled the world's tallest peak 21 times, the 51-year-old is rightly viewed as one of the most committed mountaineers on the planet.

His latest mission saw him embark on a mammoth trek through the Himalayas in order to raise awareness of the impact that climate change is having on the planet.

According to The Hindustan Times, Mr Sherpa completed his gruelling 1,555km walk on Sunday (April 22nd), having spent 99 days making his way across the mountain range.

Not many people have the ability or endurance to emulate Mr Sherpa, but plenty of travellers can still take in the amazing sights of Nepal by heading to the Everest Base Camp.

Mr Sherpa - who now lives in the US - told the news provider that his epic journey was definitely worthwhile.

"The trail gave me an opportunity to see my country, interact with thousands [of people] and hear their experiences," he was reported as saying.