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Jordan tourism chiefs keen to promote religious sites

Tourism leaders in the Middle East are keen to attract more visitors to landmarks that hold a great deal of historical and religious importance.

One place that already appeals to people on Jordan holidays is the Baptismal Site, which holds a great deal of significance for Christians.

It is around 45 minutes away from the bustling city of Amman and was nominated for Unesco World Heritage status back in 2001.

Tourism leaders believe that visiting places such as the Baptismal Site can be a magical experience and they are keen to see more people embark on pilgrimages to religious areas.

A representative of the Jordan Tourism Board told The Jordan Times that more than 160,000 people visited the site last year, with 85 per cent of this number doing so for spiritual purposes.

The spokesperson believes the landmark - where Jesus is said to have been baptised - will attract even more tourists in 2012.