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James Bond returns to Istanbul

If there is one person you can rely on to spice things up a bit on an adventure holiday it is 007 – aka James Bond.

Mr Bond has been globe trotting since the '60s and is always cropping up on beautiful, deserted beaches or jostling with crowds in startling cities.

This time around, in the 23rd Bond film - entitled Skyfall - our hero returns to Turkey, or to be exact Istanbul.

Director of the latest movie Sam Mendes told journalists at the first major Bond film press conference: "We wanted to be here because it is the most magnificent place, it is an incredible city... I can't get enough of it."

Meanwhile, the current Bond - Daniel Craig - said: "Bond has had a close relationship with Istanbul... It has been 49 years to the day since they were last here... Bond was last here."

It seems that Craig is having a high-octane experience in the country and has already been part of filming in a rooftop motorbike scene.