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Istanbul 'is ready for the Olympics'

Istanbul is definitely a city with a bright future and the metropolis could be set to stage the greatest sporting event in the world.

European Union minister Egemen Bag?s told Hurriyet Daily News that the area is ready to host the Olympic Games in 2020.

The city is becoming increasingly popular among travellers, as there is so much to see and do. Landing the Olympics would be a major coup and would encourage even more people to take Turkey holidays.

Mr Bagis believes the Turkish conurbation has submitted the strongest bid, although it will face competition from Madrid, Tokyo, Doha and Baku. He also believes that Turkey should have been awarded the Games before now.

"We are shouting loud and clear to the world that we are ready to host the Olympics," he remarked.

Split between Asia and Europe, the city is one of the most unique in the world, as grand old mosques stand side by side with classy new skyscrapers.