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Indian food 'reflects the spirit if the country'

There are many good reasons to take an India holiday, not least because of the fantastic cuisine the nation is famous for.

People with a penchant for a curry from their local takeaway in the UK may think they are experts when it comes to Indian gastronomy, but they really do not know the half of it.

Tourism chiefs in the Asian country recently launched the "Incredible Tiffin" initiative, which is aimed at providing samples of real Indian fare to potential tourists.

Anil Rajput - senior vice president of ITC Maurya which hosted the project - said people underestimate the passion that India has for gourmet gastronomy.

"Food has much more pleasure, joy and happiness attached to it rather than any other art form. Indian cuisine reflects spirit of India," he remarked.

Executive chef Manisha Bhasin said foreigners have a limited idea of Indian food and are often shocked by the diversity of dishes depending on what part of the country they visit.