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India relaxes Tourist Visa Rules

On Tuesday the Indian Home Minister lifted the ban on re-entering India within two months of departing. The 60-day gap rule was brought in to deter 'terrorist activity' and to monitor movement of visitors within India but the tourist board have been keen to re-tract the ruling ever since.

The 60-day gap rule meant tourists wishing to travel between Nepal and India, or other surrounding countries had to provide a detailed itinerary and put in a  request to waiver the 2 month waiting period. The rule led to many tourists changing their plans and a drop in the number of visitors to India.The tourist minister hopes the relaxation in this rule will help him reach his targets of a share of global tourism arrivals from 0.64 percent to 1 percent.

It is hoped the new visa rules will allow travellers to use India as a base when visiting other nearby countries thus increasing tourist income.