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Holidaymakers expected to lap up Peruvian cuisine this Easter

If there is one thing that has symbolised Peru's huge rise in popularity among tourists, it is the country's culinary prowess.

Lima was traditionally viewed as a stopping off point for people heading to Machu Picchu during their Peru holiday, but this is certainly no longer the case.

The capital city - which was recently nominated as a possible World Wonder City - is teeming with high quality restaurants run by some of the most innovative chefs in South America.

It goes without saying that the metropolis is now a holiday hotspot in its own right and the Lima Chamber of Commerce has hailed the role that food has had to play in its growth.

Indeed, representatives of the authority told El Comercio that such is the growing demand for top class Peruvian gastronomy, restaurants and bars in the country will accrue revenue of $60.5 million (£38.5 million) over the Easter period alone.

The organisation stated that tourists will continue to flock to Lima in order to see what all the fuss is about and they will be more than willing to spend their money in the city's fine establishments.