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Hitch hiking to Morocco - there must be a better way

Morocco is undoubtedly a beautiful place and people will do almost anything to get there. It is a massively popular hiking destination and one of the most exciting adventure holiday locations on the continent.

Even when you are strapped for cash, however, hitch hiking the entire 1,200 mile journey might be going a little too far.

That's what two teenagers from Grimsby did as they attempted to raise money for an international charity that helps develop education in rural Africa.

Harrison Smith and Aron Fernandez took to the road with nothing more than a pop-up tent and a giant foam hand. They even managed to complete the journey in six-and-a-half days - that's less than the average seven to eight.

"When we finally got to Morocco it was an amazing feeling," Harrison told the Grimsby Telegraph.

He added: "There were waterfalls and wild monkeys. We stayed there for six days to enjoy the place."

But if you are planning a trekking holiday in Morocco, you might want to book a flight rather than spend six days on motorway hard shoulders.