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Head to Cairo for the Spring Festival

Cairo remains one of the most intriguing places to visit in the world thanks to its rich culture and proud history.

It is easy to argue that the Ancient Egyptians were at the cutting-edge of art and design when they constructed the pyramids, which are still regarded as one of the most inspiring and aesthetically-pleasing landmarks on the planet.

People who are counting down the days until their Egypt holidays can experience the very best art and culture the country has to offer when the Spring Festival gets underway.

The biennial event takes place in May and is a joint celebration of multi-disciplinary art held between Cairo and Beirut.

Music and dance performances are staged at Cairo's Prince Taz Palace and visitors will also be treated to photography and writing exhibitions.

Organisers of the festival say the main point of the occasion is to encourage international artists to cross boundaries on a political, social and cultural level.