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Furtemba Sherpa reaches half way goal of cycling around the world

Furtemba Sherpa has been cycling around the world since 2003 promoting world peace, environmental protection and social harmony. His goal: to visit 151 countries by 2020.  To date, Furtemba has achieved over 50% of this goal and has toured 81 countries so far, clocked in over 84,300km in Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, the Caribbean, Central and South America and now Africa. Furtemba's aim is to challenge our communities and leaders to do as much as they can to create sustainable, environmentally friendly alternatives to many of our current practices especially with transport initiatives.

Furtemba comes from a Sherpa family in the Himalayas, Nepal. At the age of 10 he ran away from home to the city of Kathmandu. Against the odds, homelessness and substance abuse, Furtemba survived poverty and by his late 20s was running a successful restaurant and clothing shop. At age 10 his purpose in life was to give his parents one less mouth to feed and to earn money to send home to support his siblings. After years of witnessing the decline of the forest, river and glaciers near his parent's village and the suffering of the Nepalese during civil war, Furtemba wanted to take on a new challenge.

On Christmas Day 2003 he set off on a challenge to cycle the world spreading his message of peace and harmony to anyone that will listen. He has met many great leaders and faced numerous dangers, including a monkey attack and several road accidents. Along the way Furtemba has generated doantions for various social projects he has encountered and recently The Furtemba Foundation was set up. The Foundation has just provided 10 wheelchairs to the Asha Bal Bikash Sewa, a children's centre for the disabled in Nepal.  You can follow Furtemba's journey and make a donation to the Foundation at www.furtemba.org.

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