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Fuego Volcano Erupts in Guatemala

Last night Fuego Volcano finally erupted, spewing out lava and burning rocks over the lands beneath it. The lava and ash plumes started on Monday 4th September and the lava flows and explosions continue.It has been reported that the ash emissions have reached heights of 700m and the lava flows travelling betwen 900 and 1,000m long and 150m wide. Ashfall was last reported in the areas of Panimaché, Morelia, Yucales and Sangre de Cristo.

So far 11,000 people have been safely evacuated and the Head of Emergency Evacuations, Sergio Cabanas originally has stated that no more evacuations were necessary as the eruptions have died down since yesterday. Cabanas was hopeful that families and residents of the nearby areas would be able to return home later today.

The lava and ash has covered an area of around 4.3 miles down the south and south-western side of the volcano. Fuego is one of the most active volcanoes in Central America. It sits just 30 miles to the south-west of Guatemala City and six miles from Antigua and this eruption is thought to be the biggest since 1990. Fuego has been continuously active since 1581 with regular eruptions since. Volcan de Fuego sits at 3,763m high and is so named the Volcano of Fire.

Luckily there have so far been very few casualties and injuries although there are expected to be problems with the eyes and respiratory systems of those that encountered ash clouds. It is hopeful that residents from the 17 villages evacuated near the volcano wil return home shortly although the clear up may take some time.