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Experience local rituals in Zanzibar

African countries are renowned for their celebration of rituals and the idyllic island of Zanzibar is certainly no different.

Every July the Mwaka Kogwa Festival is held to celebrate the start of a new year and it is an occasion that people taking Tanzania holidays should not miss.

The milestone is marked right the way across the island, but it is the southern town of Makunduchi where the tradition is observed most vociferously.

In years gone by, men would look to settle their differences with other people before the turn of the year (according to the Shirz calendar) by fighting. As time has passed, the ritual has become far friendlier and now participants use banana stems during battle. Although it may look violent, competitors always have smiles on their faces throughout.

The women of the community also wear their finest attire and sing old island songs while the fights take place.

This unique tradition is just one reason to visit Zanzibar - which has become increasingly renowned as a paradise-like holiday destination.