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Experience Holi Day in Delhi

Delhi is a colourful place at the best of times thanks to its plethora of striking architecture and the traditional bright garments worn by the locals.

However, people taking India holidays next month will find that the importance of colour takes on even greater significance.

In March, the Asian country celebrates Holi Day, which is the Hindu festival of colour.

Locals cover each other in colourful powder and water during the celebrations and visitors to Delhi can expect to see a number of street parties and events taking place. Indeed, the city's Dilli Haat is perhaps the most renowned Holi Day celebration in the entire country.

Tourism officials stated that such is the importance of the event, politicians and other influential figures in the political hub of Delhi are keen to immerse themselves in the tradition.

Of course, Delhi is a fantastic place to visit all year round and its thriving streets are an eye-opening experience for people who have never ventured to an urban part of India before.