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Excitement as two white lion cubs are born in a Mexico Zoo

There was an excitement at a zoo in Mexico last month when three white lion cubs were born. While only two have survived, Puebla Zoo are working round the clock to ensure the survival of the two remaining cubs. White lions are indigenous to Tibavati, South Africa but the population of these unique albino lion is now teachnically extinct in the wild. The birth of two new cubs is fantastic news despite the fact they have been born into captivity.

It is our hope that the lions will be entered back into the wild but the possibilities of this are low. In recent years only seven white lions have been successfully reintroduced into their natural habitat. In 1975 the white lion was 'discovered' by Chris McBride, an animal biologist, after years of speculation as to whether or not these animals actually existed. It was an unfortunate bi-product of McBride's find that white lions were then forcible removed from the wild 'for their protection' into zoos. White lions are also bred in captivity for the hunting industry and irresponsible money-makers breed the lions for tourist projects. These projects are often a sham and the lions are never reintroduced to the wild. It is often claimed that the white lion cannot survive in the wild due to its white coat which inhibits camoflage, and that these breeding projects are actually protecting the specie. It has been proved though that the white lion can indeed survive and thrive in the wild.

While Mexico celebrates the birth of these rare cubs, we are celebrating the work of the Global White Lion Protection Trust in South Africa. Established in 2002, the Trust has so far successfully reintroduced two prides of white lions into their natural environment. While there is still a long way to go and currently the white lion is not protected nationally or internationally allowing ongoing hunting.

Puebla Zoo has been working to save big cats for several years and will continue their specialist breeding programme. We hope they will eventually aim to reintroduce these rare and wonderful creatures into their natural habitat.

While we can't take you on a trip to see white lions, we can take you on a trip to see their golden brothers and sisters all over Africa. Take a look at our African Safari trips.

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