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Ex-president to feature on South African bank notes

Nelson Mandela is without doubt one of the most important people in the history of South Africa.

His traumatic fight against apartheid in the last century - which saw him spend 27 years in jail - paved the way for the democratic nation that exists today.

He was only released from prison on February 11th 1990 and he soon went on to become president.

In honour of the revolutionary figure, new bank notes are to be released before the end of 2012 containing his image. People taking South Africa holidays have also been assured that current notes that depict big game creatures will continue to be accepted throughout the country.

Current president Jacob Zuma made the announcement on the 22nd anniversary of Mr Mandela's release from incarceration.

"On behalf of government and the people of South Africa, it is my honour and pleasure to announce that new South African bank notes will bear the image of President Mandela," he commented.