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Egypt keen to promote Red and Bent Pyramids

One of the highlights of an Egypt holiday is being able to see the famous pyramids in all their glory.

People flock to Cairo every year in order to cast their eye over the ancient triangular structures and the landmarks have a unique spiritual aura.

However, the bustling city is not the only place that travellers can see the pyramids. Around 40km away from Cairo stand the Red and Bent Pyramids in the region of Dahshur.

Although these do attract a lot of visitors, tourism chiefs want holidaymakers to stay in this remote part of the country for much longer.

A major effort to promote the area is set to get underway as part of wider plans to attract 25 million tourists by 2020, The National reports.

National project coordinator for the Dahshur project Adel El Gendy told the news provider that he wants the Bent and Red Pyramids to become tourist beacons in their own right.