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Earth Day 2013

This Monday 22 April people around the world will be celebrating Earth Day; a global event that personalises the massive climate change challenge we all face. Millions around the world will hold events to raise awareness, share their stories and help improve awareness. Each year more than a billion people take part - individuals, communities, organisations and governments all come together to acknowledge our amazing planet.

Climate change effects not only humans but animals, plants and the earth as we know it. Rising sea levels are forcing communities out of their homes, polar bears face a melting arctic, drought causes ravaged crops and ultimately starving people, and frequent flooding and storms have left thousands without clean water and their homes. This year is the 43rd anniversary of Earth Day and communities everywhere, from Delhi to Rio, will be sharing their stories of climate change. Earth Day will celebrate the entrepreneurs who set work with green economies, activitists who fight to protect our planet and the many businesses and engineers who work to reduce their carbon footprint and invent new technology to find sustainable resources and the people who vow to live sustainably.

Let us know what your community is doing to celebrate Earth Day by posting on our Facebook page this Monday.