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Chef 'fell in love' with Cuba

Chef Valentine Warner admitted that he "fell in love" with Cuba while taking a holiday in the country - and he is definitely not the only person to say this.

Speaking to The Independent, the talented cook stated that the Caribbean island is the best place he has ever visited.

He was fascinated by Havana, which has managed to resist western influences, making it one of the most unique cities in the world.

People still drive around in cars from the 1950s and the streets are free from advertisements.

However, this doesn't mean the metropolis is boring or dull - far from it. Havana is a vibrant place and travellers can thoroughly enjoy themselves in the area's many bars and jazz clubs - Mr Warner certainly did.

"There was music everywhere and just this hot, sticky heat - I fell in love," he told the news provider.

Many people book Cuba holidays in order to take advantage of the amazing fishing opportunities and Mr Warner said this was a particular highlight for him.