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Britons would love to scale Mt Everest

British adventurers would love to have a crack at conquering the mighty Mount Everest - if they were fit enough.

Nepal holidays are extremely popular, as people are desperate to see the Himalayas in all their glory.

Despite the obvious enthusiasm of British explorers, only a select few are capable of reaching the summit of the world's tallest peak.

A new study conducted by YouGov has discovered that 53 per cent of people believe that getting to the top of Everest is tougher than swimming between England and France.

However, 62 per cent suggested that they would like to tackle the mountain if they had the endurance and skill to do so.

Travellers may try to emulate US climber Jordan Romero, who last year became the youngest person to reach the top at the age of 13. If a teenager can manage the feat, then there may be hope for some of us yet.