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Britons 'love to get away from it all'

Britons are increasingly keen to book a holiday to a foreign country in order to get away from the stresses of everyday life in the UK.

A new study conducted by ABTA - The Travel Association has indicated that 42 per cent of people look forward to a trip abroad compared with just 16 per cent who opt to take a break within the UK.

Better weather is obviously a major attraction for Britons who are sick and tired of the rain and cold temperatures at home, which is one reason behind the popularity of Turkey holidays in particular.

The ABTA survey also indicated that the government's attempts to promote "staycations" are generally falling on deaf ears, because holidaymakers are far more likely to book a trip based on a recommendation from a friend or family member.

Indeed, 45 per cent said they would search for an adventure holiday based on a review from someone they trust, while 36 per cent claimed to be influenced by travel companies and their websites.

A mere four per cent said they would book a holiday because of a government advertising campaign.