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Big 5 safaris 'are a must-do'

South Africa is arguably the best place to go if you are hoping to see the "big five" during an African safari trip.

The country has a huge array of game reserves and national parks, with each region teeming with elephants, buffalo, rhinos, lions and leopards.

According to tourism chiefs, the Kruger National Park is the ultimate place to see all of these creatures in their natural habitat, although you may need to be patient.

"Drive slowly, stop at waterholes, listen for the warning calls of birds, watch when other vehicles stop, and always keep your eyes open," a representative suggested.

The spokesperson also noted that finally coming face-to-face with a wild animal is a "priceless moment" and it is important that you have honed your camera skills before you head to South Africa.

Chances are that as you tick off the big five, you will come across a multitude of other species that will amaze you just as much as the most famous creatures.