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BBC Africa Series Drives African Tourism For The Adventure Company

With the launch of the BBC Africa series comes huge potential revenue for Africa itself as David Attenborough inpsires a new generation to visit the wild continent. The Family Adventure Company has seen a steady rise in the number of family bookings to Africa in the last few weeks and Africa is now its top selling destination in 2013 so far.

With Attenborough and his film crew bringing Africa's finest wildlife alive with modern technology, Africa has suddenly become top of everyone's must do list. For families an African safari is a trip of a life time and one many never get the chance to take. The new series though is thoroughly inspiring as well as educational and beautifully shot scenes, such as the giraffe fight, has driven many to the web in search of the chance to witness such things for themselves.

With only another three parts left to see, will the excitement continue? Watch this space


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