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American family travel 7 million miles

The American news channel CNN recently reported on the Disberger family who have travelled 7.5 million miles in the last 20 years on their family holidays. Since 1990 they have been on 243 trips all over the world, including 30 hours in Australia. That roughly works out to 11 holidays a year! As the Family Adventure Company, we're more than impressed.

The family of five began their adventure travels when the oldest, Joel was just five years old, his sister Kara a year old and his other sister still unborn. Over the years the family has learnt the tricks of travel and bonded over shared experiences. From their home in Illinois they're been all over the world including Sydney, Bangkok, Moscow, Dubai...the list is endless.

Dennis, head of the family, gave CNN his top tips for family travel: Budget the family income, they are flexible with dates and seats, occassionally giving up their booked seats on a busy flight in return for freebies, have lollipops on hand for younger children to prevent sore ears from air pressure and if you're travelling with teens, let then make some decisions eg. where to go next, where to eat etc

And luckily for the Disbergers they now have lifetime gold airline status which means there's no stopping them. 

The Disbergers aren't the only travelling family either, the Zapps with their four children have been travelling the world non-stop for 11 years in a car called, Grandpa. All the children were born on the road in four different countries, from the USA to Australia. For the Zapp children there's no better school than the world and their parents agree.

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