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Airlines to pay compensation for flight delays

Yesterday the EU ruled that air carriers are now required to pay financial compensation to travellers delayed by three or more hours. In recent years travellers flying in or out of the EU have been able to claim food, beverages and free phone and internet use if delayed by three or more hours. In 2012 British Airways, Easyjet and other key players in the UK began a legal challenge to over turn the ruling.

Yesterday the ruling was re-inforced and air carriers are set to reconsider previous claims for compensation. Anything not classed as 'extraodinary circumstances' is now eligble for compensation, including mechanical failure. Case that have been on hold for the past three years are now to be re-examined and claims paid. 'Extraodinary circumstances', where compensation is not requried, include extreme weather and industrial action.

Airlines involved in the proceedings admitted their defeat but will continue to comply with regulations.

Alongside this victory for the 2 million UK passengers that fly every year, there is also a campaign to reduce or freeze air passenger duty. It has been claimed that the aviation tax is a hinderance to families, pricing them out of the overseas holiday market. So far over 250,000 Britons have contacted their MPs through website www.afairtaxonflying.org to express their support for the reduction on the tax. APD has been blamed for reducing foreign visitor numbers, who are forced to pay the tax on their return and countries reliant on tourism, such as in the Caribbean.

With the campaign well underway, it is hopeful that a review will be held, after 100 MPs have backed the motion.

Is this the start of a new cheaper and fairer aviation industry?

Let us know your thoughts.